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Special machines for the food industry and strip curtains

A machine is only special if it has Evide on it….

Snijmachine Interleaver

Cutting Machine Interleaver

Interleavers are fast, hygienic and reliable special machines for the food industry and have various applications……

Evide and special machines for the food industry

Evide has been designing and producing special machines for the food and packaging industry since 1978. With the special machines, Evide has developed efficient methods for processing and packaging foodstuffs such as meat products and cheese. The company has carried out pioneering work in the design and production of the special machines. With the development of the Interleaver – a special machine for placing trays under or sheets between products – Evide has acquired a prominent place on the market.

Because of our experience, Evide’s special machines are reliable and extremely suitable as part of an automatic production line. Evide works together with renowned cutting machine manufacturers and supplies special machines worldwide. Innovation and efficiency are always of paramount importance at Evide and through these collaborations we are always able to respond to the latest developments.