interleaver for packaging

An Interleaver for packaging is a fast, hygienic and reliable special machine for the food industry
and has several applications:

  • Interleaver for inserting sheets between sliced ​​products, such as cold cuts and cheese
  • Interleaver for placing trays, trays or dishes on, for example, conveyor belts

The Interleaver for packaging places by means of pick & place:

  • Cardboard or synthetic dishes (choose from a wide range)
  • Sheets of waxed paper or PP film for use between the slices
    (The Packaging Interleaver places the slip sheets after one or more slices. Any desired amount between 1 and 99 slices can be set)
The Interleaver for packaging fits all types of cutting machines equipped with a disc dispenser and a conveyor belt. The special machine is extremely suitable as part of an automatic production line.